And...we have the WINNERS for 2nd hour! 3rd hour...To be determined...

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Locker Challenge Points:
My Vote: 30 points
Top Class Vote: 20 points
Voted for others: 10 points
Scored over 6 on Rubric: 5 points
Buffs: 5 points
Extra points (printed Existentialism from Teacher Page): 10 points

Locker Challenge : 1st--Relationships (my top vote)
2nd--Hinduism (class top vote) AND Psychology (class top vote)
3rd--Perception/Reality AND Christianity
4th--Animals and Muslims

Creativity//Nietsche's AKRASIA challenge (it takes a little "crazy" to make will power be beneficial).
1st challenge: 40, 30, 20, 10
2nd challenge: 20, 15, 10, 5
Hidden AKRASIA pts.: 50

3rd--Animals AND Hinduism

2nd--Psychology and Hinduism
4th--Animals, Christianity, and Muslims

AKRASIA...the "crazy" in creative will power--(hidden 50 points)--> Psychology

2nd hour (updated 11/17)

1st place: Relationships (510)AND Animals/Biology WINS!

2nd place: Psychology (500)
3rd place: Hinduism (485)
4th place: Christianity (447)
5th place: Perception vs. Reality (436)
6th place: Muslim (381)
7th place:
8th place:

Locker Challenge: 1st--Psychology (my top vote) AND Hinduism
2nd--Christianity (my top vote) AND Animals
3rd--Muslims AND Perception/Reality AND Relationships

1st--Animals and Hinduism
4th--Perception/Reality AND Muslim

1st--Psychology AND Christianity AND Animals
2nd--Perception/Reality AND Muslim
3rd--Relationships ANd Hinduism

AKRASIA...the "crazy" in creative will power--(hidden 50 points)-->Christianity

3rd hour (updated 11/17)
1st place: Hinduism (631.5)--------981.5
2nd place: Christianity (618)-------
3rd place: Psychology (567) -------
4th place: Muslims (561)------1121
5th place: Perception vs. Reality (556)------
6th place: Animals/Biology (544)-------1
7th place: Relationships (492)------246
8th place: Biology (481)--------120.5