In your focus groups, answer the following questions:

Challenge of Logic

In Life of Pi, we as readers walk a fine line with Mr. Yann Martel, a line grayed between truth/reality and perception. We try to use our logic as we read, to construct Pi's story, but Pi's story itself will challenge our thinking.

For the Challenge of Logic, we conducted a series of exercises dealing with logic. Students had to throw logic out at times, in order to SEE what was right before them. Or, logic was needed to solve a series of patterns with one step missing.

1) The discussion Pi has about atheists stating that atheists and believers of God really are brothers and sisters, in that they both go along in life with a veritable amount of comfort in their belief system, but at one point they just need to take the leap. Students need to explain what that leap means...for both parties.

2) Pi explains how the math symbol for Pi gave him refuge. How so? Explain the metaphor relating to his experiences, but then explain how the meaning of the math symbol, in its infinite qualities, further the metaphor.

3) As readers, we listen to Pi's conversation with Mr. Kumar regarding religion. Explain why it confused Pi that Mr. Kumar viewed religion as darkness. And why, it was suprising to Pi to have Mr. Kumar's tone about life, be gentle and loving.